Alternative Universe

Welcome to my blog, my experience and my friend.

You probably are wondering what is this place and who I am.

My name is Domena and I used to live on a small island in Norway,
Now I spend most of my time in space where I help to seal space rifts and fix other things in our solar system.
This is my sanctuary, realm created for sharing my work experience and personal thoughts.
There will be a lot of different topic from drifting through stars to opinions on unfair things in out universe.
I hope you will stay awhile and listen to my hopefully fresh point of view.

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Personal – Stuff I do off duty
School – Stuff I do on duty
Rift thoughts – I have no idea

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  • That one time I managed to tear the fabric of space and time

    21. Feb 2020 by

    Everything started a year ago when I decided to go and study abroad in United Kingdom. I made the necessary preperations and made my way to the once great empire. However not a single school accepted me and that’s how I found myself in a foreign country without any idea what to do next. I… Read more

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